The Unique And Elegant Opal and Wonder Candles

ss 22aaaaCandles were originally designed to provide light in small rooms before electricity came along. Even after electricity was introduced, candles were still used in homes.

Currently, they are not only used for the sole purpose of providing light to people. The candles are also used in romantic environments, for decoration, and also for health purposes by aromatherapy. Candle makers like  produce high-quality candles used for different purposes.

History of Opal and Wonder Shop

The owner of the candle shop started making candles back in 2011. She started it for fun, but, later on, became good at it and in July 2012, she launched Opal and Wonder. The reasons for starting the shop was to share the light, and, of course, own her own candle business. In 2014, she was on a journey on the Appalachian Trail. While there, she was inspired by every single minute she spent there. Here is when she decided to engage fully in candle business, which has always been her dream:

About the owner

The maker of the candles is called Amber McDermid, from Tennessee. She currently lives in Asheville, North Carolina. She is a fun of mountains and loves having good coffee at all times. She was a business student at Carson-Newman College, where she graduated in 2011. Other than the candle business, Amber runs her new business, The Wander Trees. Other than great mountains and good coffee, Amber loves folk music, backpacking, pizzas, she always believes in herself, and she loves interpreting dreams. She loves fun she is also full of fun.

Her products

Opal and Wonder Shop is specifically dedicated to creating high-quality candles. The candles come in different types, but they are all placed into two categories. They are categorized in the signature collection and aromatherapy line.
• The Signature Collection. These are made in the different specification, and they use special ingredients to give them the theme intended. Some of them include Peacemaker, Wild Nomad, Earth Child, Sea Mist, Beautiful People, among others. They have different flavors to suit specific types of buyers.
• Aromatherapy line. These are specifically meant for the health purposes. They are made using certain essential oils that help in aromatherapy. So as you burn the candle, you are getting the specific health benefits. They include Rose Essential Oils, Lavender Essential Oils, and Jasmine Essential Oil Candles.

With the candles at, you can enjoy the beautiful candles that are designed to add flavor to the environment. They are made with different ingredients to give out specific smell and flavor.