How To Choose The Best Designer Handbag For Different Occasions

How To Choose The Best Designer Handbag For Different Occasions

Choosing the best designer handbag will make a lady stand out. Many ladies will choose a wrong bag that either does not match with their wardrobe selection, for the wrong occasions or not convenient. Several guidelines can help a woman choose a designer handbag for all occasions conveniently.

Choosing a designer handbag

Formal partiestg23e6ye7ue8i29o02

Deciding on what to wear for formal parties can be an uphill task, but for many ladies accessorizing this is even tougher. Be it a red carpet, award occasions or wedding, Welden Bags would be the best option. Evening bags and beaded purses would also save the day. It’s also important to consider that this comes in different shapes, sizes, colors and design. It is good to pick the color that tallies to the theme of the occasion.

Cocktail parties

Cocktail parties are occasions no lady will want to show up while too formal or too casual. A very careful balance is required. The best options are clutch bags with a sling or a small formal shoulder bag. These types will enable your hands to be free for holding drinks and mingling. They should not have a lot of additions but should look simple. Colors should match the theme colors and your outfit.

Casual occasion

There is freedom here, but it should not be used as an excuse for contrast. Elegance must still be maintained. The key is to choose handbags that suit the outfits that you wear. The best option will be shoulder bags and hobo bags that match well with your clothes. Again normal hand bags used for normal daily activities can be used.


The pritg2wed6ye7u28ei29o122ority here is a convenience regarding storage. Ladies who need to move around with files and other work-related items will need big and comfortable shoulder bags. They should also be of a material that is strong to hold the heavy weight. Since these are used on most days of your life, it is good to look for colors that will match with most of your wardrobe like black. The handbags should also have porches inside for easy organization of items.


This does not require any wardrobe matching but needs handbags that are big and comfortable. You may want to sneak in some few clothes for light traveling. The shoulder bag should have a wide strap that is comfortable while on the go. The handbags should be able to persevere different climatic conditions. There are several classy designs for this purpose one can choose from.…