Janome HD3000 Review

Janome HD3000 is the latest heavy duty sewing machine in 2016. It is one the fabulous machine in the sewing industry. The heavy duty machine is easy to use and has all the advanced features and stitches. For beginners, Janome HD3000 is the perfect solution for wide range of sewing. Visit www.quiltersreview.com for a comprehensive review on Janome HD3000. The machine is of the latest technology.

Key features of Janome HD3000

The 7-piece feed dog

The HD 3000 makes feeding fabric smooth rather than the use of hand which requires more time and a lot of mbbvvxxzconcentration. The 7-piece feed dog is an outstanding feature.
Adjustable presser foot, the Janome HD 3000 has an adjustable presser foot which is an incredible feature. It helps in sewing thicker materials including jeans and leather materials.

Built-in needle threader, the advanced machine comes with an inbuilt needle threader hence no trouble in threading needles. Equally, there is an inbuilt thread cutter which makes it easy to switch threads without looking for scissors, and that is the beauty of it.
The automatic bobbin winding, this feature helps wind thread neatly and evenly.

Other features at a glance include

. Heavy duty frame
. Rolled hem foot
. Sliding Buttonhole Foot
. Stitch selection dial
. Zig-Zag foot
.Extra-large foot controller

Janome HD3000 for beginners

The HD 3000 is an amazing machine for beginners. The machine is highly recommendable for sewist who are just joining the industry. The machine has 18 different sewing stitches, making it easy to learn more different ropes of sewing. The modern Janome HD3000 has more functionality features which are incredibly easy to use and operate. The feature helps give a clean and neat design.

Janome HD3000

3000 machine has stitch and trim models which are meant for sewing, serging and quilting, all these done with one machine. The stitch width and length are just located at the front of the machine making it conveniently accessible.

Why should you choose Janome HD3000?

jhjhjhbbnvFor those who love sewing and designing, Janome HD3000 is overwhelming popular due to its advanced technology in the industry. Moreover, the HD3000 heavy duty machine is practically affordable; however, it is the most expensive in Janome models, but it is worth every single penny.

The machine also comes with a user guide and a guarantee. The machine is also durable since it’s made of heavy duty frame and hence gives fantastic services for long. Janome HD3000 is also the best machine for quilting; it’s one of the models among a few machines that can be used for quilting.¬†The Janome HD3000 is simply the best, and it’s affordable, durable and flexible.