Hair Dressers

asaaasaaFinding the best hair salons Adelaide for your case can be a tall order. Your main aim in choosing the best should be to get access to a competent hair dresser who keeps up with the latest trends.

As a client, you wish to have a positive experience that can inspire trust, from the moment you arrive at a salon to the few moments your hair dresser takes teaching you how to reproduce your new hair style on your own at home. Below are factors to keep in mind as you hunt for the best hair salon in Adelaide:

  1. Ask friends

If you have a colleague or a friend whose hair you like, find out where they get their hair done & which hairdresser they use. There is nothing better than recommendation from someone you know. That is how I found my stylist and hair salon (thanks to Kathleen for the recommendation). This works even best more so if your hair is similar to your friend’s.

  1. The atmosphere

When searching for the best hair salons in Adelaide, there are many different criteria to be considered, beginning with the atmosphere. Paying a visit to the salon is a perfect opportunity of taking care of yourself. And since it is always difficult to rake a break from your always busy schedule, your hairdresser hiatus must be enjoyable. Choose a salon where you feel at home as soon as you arrive. A short waiting time, a warm welcome as well as comfortable environment will make all the difference.

  1. Lots of clients

Know that the leading hair salons are always very busy. So as soon as you spot your ideal salon, you will probably have to contact them well in advance so as to book an appointment. But you know perfectly well that it will be worth the trouble.

  1. Cutting Edge or Not

As you continue searching for the best hair salon, take into consideration the type of look you want. If you are looking for edgy and ultramodern, then look for what is reflected in the décor of the salon as well as types of cuts other clients get. If you like gentle waves, natural look then go for a hair dresser that reflects exactly that.


Although it is not easy to find a good hair dresser in Adelaide, always remember that there is one waiting for you. With the above information on how to identify the best salon, you will surely get your match.