How to Apply Mascara (the Right Way!)

How to Apply Mascara (the Right Way!)

Old is boring, tired of the old clumpy mascara? If so, then you need to try something new in your life. Mascara is the best makeup technique that will spice your looks and make that impossibility to perfection. Below is a sneak preview of how to apply Mascara. Mascara is a great importance in terms of eye makeup. It is associated with making your eye look much deeper with lots of details thus its end results becoming stunning and marvelous.

Eye beauty is more defined by the kind of the finish you give, and Mascara 02Mascara gives it a tantalizing beauty that will leave many mouths wide open. Without much ado, here is the full insight on the best application of Mascara!

1. Apply Other Makeup

This other makeup is to prepare a soft landing of mascara. You need to have a clear foundation for the best eye beauty. Other makeup includes foundation, eye shadow, and eyeliner. The first step is to make sure that your eyes are clean. With the use of primer apply lightly on your face and the major part of your eyes. If in case you have blemishes and spots use a concealer to cover up them.

2. Curl Your Lashes First

Use a curler to squeeze the eyelashes gently for a short period, ten seconds. The curler should target on the base of the eyelashes for the best results. This is the crucial step as it will give your lashes the kind of the shape that your eyelashes should appear. The best tip is to use an eyelash curler that has been heated with hot water or with a blow dryer to give the desired results. This is crucial as it will heat the eyelashes and help in curling. Be very cautious of the temperature by first testing with your hand before you use to avoid eye injury.

3. Application of Mascara To The Bottom Lashes First

Most of the other technique will leave your eyelid with dotted mascara, and to evade this risk it is prudent to begin at the bottom of the lashes. Use the brush to wand down your eyelashes; be keen when using the brush so as not to touch your eye with the brush as this might lead to eye injury.

4. Go For The Top Eye Lashes

Once done on the bottom proceed to the top eyelashes. Be watchful to start on the lash line and with your eye looking down put the brush against the lashes. Be precise and observe a quarter turn to give the brush a chance to get hold of the lashes and help coat them perfectly.

5. Repeat

Give Mascara time to dry between each coat.…