The beauty and fashion industry are as dynamic as any other time in the recent past. Things change so fast in this industry such that catching up with the latest trends takes a lot of effort on your part. The advancement in technology, as well as increased competition among the players in this industry, make it very dynamic, resulting in new trends and innovations all the time. In 2017, we are likely to see new trends which are going to rule the industry. The following are some of the new trends that we are likely to see in 2017:

Probiotic-based luxury products

Today people are very much aware that beauty products that are made from natural ingredients are associated with a lower risk of adverse side effects. For this reasons, many companies have begun to develop probiotic-based luxury products which make use of friendly bacteria, including Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus. Such products are likely to gain a lot of popularity, especially with people who take their health very seriously.

Super food skin care products

There is also a likelihood that super food skin care products might take the market by storm this year. This is because most people are very much concerned about what they are putting into their bodies. Manufacturers of beauty products are likely to taking advantage of this obsession with natural products and start producing skin care products that contain super-foods as part of their ingredients. You can, therefore, expect to see skincare products whose ingredients include kale and avocado, among others.

Face brushing

Dry body brushing has been promoted for a long time as a way of helping to exfoliate skin, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and boost blood circulation. In Asia, the practice widely used in improve the tone and texture of the face. We are likely to see face brushing starting to trend this year. This is according to Theresa Yee, who is the senior beauty editor at trend forecast WGSN. The procedure is known to give an excellent, fresh-faced glow, and this is likely to attract the attention of many people.

Increased use of technology to diagnose skin problems

2Are you aware of a product known as ‘Smart Mirror’? This is a new technology that you can use to diagnose your skin problems and as well as how to deal with them. Also, it can print 3D patches of makeup that perfectly match your skin tone, thus allowing you to mask your flaws.

Latest Trends in Tattoo Removal

Because of advancement in technology, tattoo removal is becoming easier and more efficient than what it used to be a few years ago. Here below are the three top trending tattoo removal methods:

Picosecond Technology

This method of tattoo removal allows for fewer treatments. This is because it designed to break up the particles a little smaller to allow faster ink removal.

The DeScribe Perfluorodecalin (PDF) Patch

This is a technology that allows epidermal whitening, but for a limited time. The patch is placed over the tattoo while it is being treated, thus reducing the time that the epidermal whitening is present. This allows the treatment to be repeated almost immediately. It saves a lot of your time since you will only need to extend your visit for 5 to 10 minutes.

Tattoo Removal Creams

3A PhD. D. student in a certain university in the US has developed cream that can remove tattoos. There are no clinical studies so far on this product, but it might hit the market in the future.


These are some of the new trends that we are likely to see in 2017.…

Hair Dressers

asaaasaaFinding the best hair salons Adelaide for your case can be a tall order. Your main aim in choosing the best should be to get access to a competent hair dresser who keeps up with the latest trends.

As a client, you wish to have a positive experience that can inspire trust, from the moment you arrive at a salon to the few moments your hair dresser takes teaching you how to reproduce your new hair style on your own at home. Below are factors to keep in mind as you hunt for the best hair salon in Adelaide:

  1. Ask friends

If you have a colleague or a friend whose hair you like, find out where they get their hair done & which hairdresser they use. There is nothing better than recommendation from someone you know. That is how I found my stylist and hair salon (thanks to Kathleen for the recommendation). This works even best more so if your hair is similar to your friend’s.

  1. The atmosphere

When searching for the best hair salons in Adelaide, there are many different criteria to be considered, beginning with the atmosphere. Paying a visit to the salon is a perfect opportunity of taking care of yourself. And since it is always difficult to rake a break from your always busy schedule, your hairdresser hiatus must be enjoyable. Choose a salon where you feel at home as soon as you arrive. A short waiting time, a warm welcome as well as comfortable environment will make all the difference.

  1. Lots of clients

Know that the leading hair salons are always very busy. So as soon as you spot your ideal salon, you will probably have to contact them well in advance so as to book an appointment. But you know perfectly well that it will be worth the trouble.

  1. Cutting Edge or Not

As you continue searching for the best hair salon, take into consideration the type of look you want. If you are looking for edgy and ultramodern, then look for what is reflected in the décor of the salon as well as types of cuts other clients get. If you like gentle waves, natural look then go for a hair dresser that reflects exactly that.


Although it is not easy to find a good hair dresser in Adelaide, always remember that there is one waiting for you. With the above information on how to identify the best salon, you will surely get your match.…

Janome HD3000 Review

Janome HD3000 Review

Janome HD3000 is the latest heavy duty sewing machine in 2016. It is one the fabulous machine in the sewing industry. The heavy duty machine is easy to use and has all the advanced features and stitches. For beginners, Janome HD3000 is the perfect solution for wide range of sewing. Visit for a comprehensive review on Janome HD3000. The machine is of the latest technology.

Key features of Janome HD3000

The 7-piece feed dog

The HD 3000 makes feeding fabric smooth rather than the use of hand which requires more time and a lot of mbbvvxxzconcentration. The 7-piece feed dog is an outstanding feature.
Adjustable presser foot, the Janome HD 3000 has an adjustable presser foot which is an incredible feature. It helps in sewing thicker materials including jeans and leather materials.

Built-in needle threader, the advanced machine comes with an inbuilt needle threader hence no trouble in threading needles. Equally, there is an inbuilt thread cutter which makes it easy to switch threads without looking for scissors, and that is the beauty of it.
The automatic bobbin winding, this feature helps wind thread neatly and evenly.

Other features at a glance include

. Heavy duty frame
. Rolled hem foot
. Sliding Buttonhole Foot
. Stitch selection dial
. Zig-Zag foot
.Extra-large foot controller

Janome HD3000 for beginners

The HD 3000 is an amazing machine for beginners. The machine is highly recommendable for sewist who are just joining the industry. The machine has 18 different sewing stitches, making it easy to learn more different ropes of sewing. The modern Janome HD3000 has more functionality features which are incredibly easy to use and operate. The feature helps give a clean and neat design.

Janome HD3000

3000 machine has stitch and trim models which are meant for sewing, serging and quilting, all these done with one machine. The stitch width and length are just located at the front of the machine making it conveniently accessible.

Why should you choose Janome HD3000?

jhjhjhbbnvFor those who love sewing and designing, Janome HD3000 is overwhelming popular due to its advanced technology in the industry. Moreover, the HD3000 heavy duty machine is practically affordable; however, it is the most expensive in Janome models, but it is worth every single penny.

The machine also comes with a user guide and a guarantee. The machine is also durable since it’s made of heavy duty frame and hence gives fantastic services for long. Janome HD3000 is also the best machine for quilting; it’s one of the models among a few machines that can be used for quilting. The Janome HD3000 is simply the best, and it’s affordable, durable and flexible.…

Finding A Beautiful Bridesmaid Dress

ere343After getting bridesmaid dresses for big day, you are not going to return them due to colors or style does not match the skin tone of the bridesmaids.

Due to this fact, you should take special care as far as choosing such dresses is concerned. Such dresses make bridesmaids very beautiful and elegant.

Making Smart Choices

Nowadays, a lot of people put some extra caution on their wedding budget. It is advisable because of the tough economic times that are plaguing the country. Due to the small budget, cheap bridesmaid dress is the right option. You can get discounted bridesmaid dresses that look great and stylish. In fact. They would look great until every person in your wedding believes that that you lavishly spend on them.

A lot of people do not believe they can get bridesmaid dresses cheaply. Fortunately, you can find them if you do adequate research online. You should also note that there are some shops out there that sell slightly used dresses at low prices.

Other than the price, you should ensure the dresses match the skin tone of the bridesmaids. Therefore, you can choose to go for one particular color or give them the freedom to choose their favorite colors. However, the colors should always complement the wedding color motif. Whenever you give them the freedom to choose the best styles, you are sure you will not get complaints from them. This also ensures that they stay within their budgets.


Other smart possibilities

Some bridesmaids are willing to pay additional money to get high-quality dresses. That is an amazing gesture as they can select their dream dresses without any strain on your part. If you can search online, you will be amazed to discover that there are several types of dresses on the market. You will also note that simple dresses are elegant and eye-catching. They can be paired with ideal shoes and jewelry. In the end, you will look an expensive chic.

Watch out for clearance sales

It is possible to get dreamy dresses, which would not cost you a fortune. Usually, the prices start slowly and as dress becomes high on demand the prices go higher than before. However, you should have the bridesmaid with you to ensure they fit the dresses. There are shops that can do minor alterations at a small cost.…

Use These Simple Tips to Buy Excellent CTR Rings

ctr44Buying CTR rings can be a frustrating experience especially if it is your first time. You are likely to mess.

So why should you make a wrong choice when you can learn how to land that ring you have been dreaming for? Use the following tips and you will instantly double your affection with your loved one

Simple Tips :


How old is the person you wish to appreciate with a CTR ring? This should be a crucial question to ask before you decide the ring to buy. Therefore, know the age and then go for the right ring. For instance, purchase small-sized rings for children to make a lasting impression on them. Likewise, go for trendy rings if the person in question is in the age bracket of the 20s and 40s

What they prefer

Determine the kind of jewelry they prefer before buying them a CTR ring. Start by assessing how they accessorize their wardrobe. Investigate, whether they wear, rings all the time. Are the rings dangling? Do they prefer bracelets? What size of the ring do they usually wear? These questions should form a basis for your decision making before you buy one for your loved one.


Take into consideration the personality of the person in question. You can do this by determining whether they are vibrant and have a great sense of humor. In addition, if you want to make it more personal and appealing, consult a jewelry expert for advice. He will be in a position to give you detailed information on this field and make your selection process easy.

ctr11Your relationship with your special one

Know the relationship of the person you are buying a CTR ring with you. For instance, if the person in question is a friend or a sibling such as your sister, then go for a ring that portrays style and love. Likewise, if the person is your wife, go for love knots.

For those who wish to appreciate their mothers, a load with sentimental meaning is the best. CTR rings, if utilized, it can strengthen people’s relationships. You should choose one which compliments your relationship with the person in question. You can only achieve this by following the above simple tips on how to choose an excellent CTR ring for your loved one.…